April Showers Brings Pests

April Showers Brings Pests

April Showers Bring May Flowers And Pests

Well, the warmth of spring in Omaha, NE also invites ants and other pests into your home, business, and yards. Which pests should you be on the watch for? Be on the lookout for spiders, wasps, ants, fleas, ticks, pantry pests such as Indian meal moths, voles and other rodents that are common pests in spring.

Omaha Pest Control Recommends Continual Maintenance And UpkeepĀ 

The following are added steps in preventing pest infestations:

  • Keep soil away from the wood and siding to reduce the pest access. If there must be wood to soil contact (on a porch or deck) use pressure-treated wood or material that is insect resistant.
  • Eliminate damp conditions, increase ventilation and replace decayed wood to manage carpenter ant issues and help prevent future infestations. Focus especially on cellars, crawl spaces and under dirt-filled porches.
  • Add crushed rock around flower and shrubbery beds instead of mulch to eliminate food and habitats for sow bugs, centipedes, millipedes and many other insects.
  • Keep gutters and roof lines in good repair and free of debris to reduce wood rot. This reduces breeding areas for wood destroying insects such as carpenter ants, termites, bees and beetles. Satellite carpenter ant colonies are usually in areas of moisture damaged wood.
  • Seal openings at plumbing, electrical, and telephone line entrances to reduce access for carpenter ants, bees and wasps, and other pests.
  • Reduce plant coverage around the foundation. Remove leaves and other debris under decks, in window wells, and behind bushes to eliminate decaying organic matter that may provide food and habitat for sow bugs, centipedes and millipedes.
  • It is also a good idea to have your home inspected for termites. When spring arrives the warm weather and moist conditions make termites come to life. They are looking for foods and your home or business is to their liking.

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