Green And Organic Pest Control

Green And Organic Pest Control

Green Pest Management Is A Safer Strategy

It sets pest action thresholds, monitors pest levels, takes steps to prevent pest problems and uses control methods that are organic (plant based) materials or materials of natural origin.

Omaha Pest Control, Inc. is a certified green pest management provider with years experience in integrated pest management. We, like you, want to provide our families a safe and secure place to live.

Green pest management is an extension of integrated pest management (IPM) and is similar in all regards except for the control methods. While both IPM and green pest management choose the least risky pest control material, green pest management uses (environmentally friendly) organic materials of natural origin. Pest management occurs in three primary arenas:

  • Agricultural
  • Urban or structural
  • Turf and ornamental

Overview Of Green Pest Control

A green pest management (GPM) service plan follows the foundations of an integrated pest management service plan with the exception of the type of pesticide applied when necessary according to the IPM or GPM plan. Pest control applicators use naturally occurring and low risk materials as the primary pest control material instead of the synthetic pesticide when a pesticide is called for as part of an integrated pest management or IPM plan.

Government Regulation

Currently there are no regulations on the use of the term “Green Pest Control”. Efforts to move toward a standard are being made by the pest control industry. The terms environmentally friendly and organic are regulated terms within the pest control industry.

The government has regulation on exempt products. Exempt products comprise only materials that are on the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)  exempt list.

Pesticides Approved

Pesticides are used to control pests, some examples are avicide, herbicide and insecticide. Green Pest Management usually deals with insecticides and herbicides. Materials used of natural origin may be either organic , such as plant oils; or inorganic, such as boric acid.

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