Home Termite Inspections

Home Termite Inspections

Inspections Are Investments

With the growing number of houses in Iowa and Nebraska available for sale on the market, buyers are more conscious about the condition of the property and require complete report of the current condition of the house for sale and other important factors that may affect the value. Omaha Pest Control has you covered.

Because of this, the interest for the new home termite inspection is on the rise. The new home termite inspection is a document which provides the buyers with a full inspection report of the property conducted by an experienced and high qualified termite inspector.

VA and FHA Inspections

The termite inspection report provides the conditions of the property and makes buyers aware of the potential expenses they may face once they buy the house. Therefore, the buyer can decide if he/she wants to buy the property or not. The same new home termite inspection report can also be used by the sellers to help them prepare all needed property related documents. Omaha Pest Control, Inc. suggests three major benefits of the new home inspection.

  • Identify the issues – By identifying some possible termite issues early on, the seller is in a position to deal with the repairs prior to listing the property for sale and make it more attractive to buyers and increase the chances of a successful deal. All this may mean more money for the seller, but also ensures faster sale. Making termite control and repairs on time will lower the chances of buyers steering away from the property and may even increase the selling price.
  • Price the property right – Having a complete new home termite inspection report from reliable and certified home inspector allows the seller to properly price the property. For example, if the infested structure needs repair, and if not accounted for in the asking price, the buyer will most likely give a lower offer.
  • Provide a feeling of confidence – With a new home termite inspection report available and after viewing a home, potential buyers may feel more comfortable in making an offer. When a potential buyer sees there are no serious repairs needed, it is easier to decide on the price. On the other hand, if there is a defect that needs to be repaired, the buyer will most likely give a lower offer or ask the seller to take care of the termite damage.

New Home Inspections

An Omaha, NE home inspection report is generally available at the property so it can be reviewed by the buyer after done with viewing the property. Moreover, the real estate agent also has the copy of the report available for the prospective buyers.

Omaha Pest Control has performed numerous termite inspections in a 45 mile radius of Omaha, Bellevue, and Council Bluffs. We provide (NPMA-33 form) termite inspections with warranties for clients applying for Conventional, VA and HUD loans.