Stink Bugs in Omaha, NE

Stink Bugs in Omaha, NE

Stink Bug Extermination

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Latin Name> Family> Pentatomidae


Stink bugs belong to the order of true bugs called Hemiptera. They have piercing sucking mouthparts and straight antennae. Many are plant feeders and some are even predatory.

The adult stink bug is about 12-17 mm long. It is oval, its width is a similar to its length. The adult is light brown in color. There are lighter bands on the antennae and dark bands on the front wings.

Behavior, Diets & Habits:

Stink bugs is a pest of fruits and vegetables, it has been found feeding on apples, peaches, blackberries, tomatoes, corn, soybeans, and green peppers.

Besides being an agricultural pest, the brown marmorated stink bug is often a pest found in homes. In late summer, the adult bugs gather on homes. They are seeking shelter places for winter. The bugs move in through cracks and other openings. They spend the winter months hiding in the walls or in the attic or crawl space. When the spring comes, the stink bug becomes active and find there way into the living spaces.

Inside the home, the stink bugs gather on walls and windows trying to find a way out. Homeowners are usually unhappy to find these insects inside the home; their size and unpleasant odor make them very unwelcome.

Signs Of An Infestation

Homeowners usually first detect stink bugs by their mass invasions in the fall. They are typically found on the sunny sides of the home where they warm themselves. Growers detect damage done to their crops and around harvest time they leave the fields and search other nesting locations, your home.

Control & Prevention

Homeowners can try and discourage the stink bug from entering the home by sealing as many entryways as possible. Cracks around doors and windows can be sealed with caulk. Vents in crawl spaces and attics need to be covered with screens. Weather stripping windows is also very helpful.

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