Wasp Control In Omaha

Wasp Control In Omaha

Wasp Extermination

Hornets, Yellow jackets, Wasp control Omaha, Hornets and many other wasps prey on other insects and are very beneficial keeping insect populations under control, Paper wasps  for instance carry caterpillars and beetle larva back to their nests to feed their growing young. Hornets supply their nests with many types of live insects for the food supply their developing larvae. A large amount of insects are needed to provide for paper wasp and hornet food requirements. Bees and Wasps are attractive and helpful  in pollinating our gardens, without them we would be overcome with most other insect pests.

That being said though; Wasps, Hornets and Bees have caused a huge nuisance to the people of our planet. While searching and feeding on their necessary food requirements they become disturbed by people and cause stinging threats, many times with dangerous results. When that threat occurs it’s time to call our Iowa and Nebraska wasp exterminators at Omaha Pest Control.

Wasp Control Omaha – Keeping Sting Insects Away From Your Family And Property               

Wasps, bees, hornets and other stinging insects are a widespread and serious problem to our family homes and city businesses. Although these pests are certainly intimidating, they are no match for Omaha Pest Control. Our exterminating experts have the training and expertise to deal with all wasps and other stinging critters. We have provided reliable wasps pest control for Omaha, Bellevue, Council Bluffs and the surrounding Metro areas for many years.

Are Wasps Dangerous?

Certain wasps are very dangerous to many people, some more than others. Wasps, bees and other stinging insects are a serious problem during the Midwest Nebraska and Iowa summers.

Wasps are dangerous because they are aggressive and territorial, and they will use their long stinger to attack. Unlike bees, wasps can use the stinger several times. If someone in your home is allergic to wasp stings, they can suffer from a severe reaction that requires immediate medical attention.

Identify Your Wasp Problem.

Omaha Pest Control exterminating experts are trained professionals at locating and identifying problems with wasps, bees, and other stinging insects. The most common wasps in the Omaha metro area are yellow jackets and paper wasps. Yellowjackets are smaller than paper wasps and either black and yellow or black and white in color. Paper wasps, on the other hand, come in various colors including yellow, red, brown, and black, depending on the species.

Remove The Stinging Insects.

Wasps tend to be unpredictable and may become aggressive. When you see a wasp nest or stinging insects, leave the job to a professional with Omaha Pest Control. Our professionals are trained and equipped to safely handle and remove the wasp problem.

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